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For the Tattoo Studio Owner/Artist

We have multiple ways to promote your tattoo studio so please take a look at the many ways we can assist. Some of these are explained in more detail on our page for helping tattoo artists promote themselves with "Create Your Tattoo Story Cards".

Demo listing

It explains there more about our:

  • "Post Your Story" cards that can be easily given to clients at the completion of their tattoo,
  • Our other websites that we use to promote your tattoo studio,
  • and our Tattoo Studio Directory that provides information about your studio to allow clients to find your easier.

Our tattoo directory allows both no cost listings that we need your help to keep as accurate as possible, but also a premium membership feature that allows you to add to your business offering. We are tattoo enthusiasts, but more importantly web application programmers. Our goal is to bring ways to streamline your interaction with your clients that is specific to your niche industry while promoting your skills to bring you more clients through social propagation. We all know this is the evolution of "word of mouth" advertising.

We can also host your website!

We also offer special discounted web hosting for $50 per year and can even help do the move for you. We monitor your site to make sure it is always up and make sure you know if your domain is about to expire. We can also help with improvements to your site and make it ready for the mobile phones and tablets without a separate website (called responsive design). And when it comes to integrating things like Facebook or Google to make life easier, we can do that too.

We can also let you manage your clients!

Don't forget about our low cost platform to manage clients where you can upload photos and contact info to more easily manage clients to get them back in for new ink. We have proven time and time again to our customers that just touching base with clients from time to time will bring them back into the shop.

For more details about our platform and how easy it is to use, visit our details page for tattoo studio owners.

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