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Signup for free and be able to track your favorite tattoo studios and artists. We only require a valid email address and you are on your way. However, if you provide us more information like your address we are adding new features that will automatically provide the directions from your address when you view maps for the studio you are reviewing. We are also adding in a feature called zip code searching. Zip code searching allows you to view the distance between tattoo studios and your address automatically to show you the closest tattoo shops to you.

We use Google maps to provide some of this functionality directly from our website. Of course, you could go straight to Google and they could do that for you right from there, so we know we have to offer you more!

Tag and track your favorites...

Our "Favorites" feature allows you to tag tattoo studios or tattoo artists from our directories. Similarly you can tag upcoming events, such as tattoo conventions, that may be coming near you. For each tagged favorite you can take notes on each one. This is especially helpful when you are looking for the right tattoo artist for your next tattoo.

Submit your tattoo story...

We shouldn't forget our main content source - you! Please signup so you can create the stories behind your tattoos. Not only does it make the Internet a better place to have real meaningful content, it helps your tattoo artist make a name for himself or herself as you let others know of their skill. You can easily upload photos and show off your ink!

Our site is so easy to use for creating tattoo stories. It is why we built the site in the first place after all. The way we designed the site you can even save your story and go back to it later to edit and finish it. the simple click of a button allows you to upload the photos for your tattoo. Once you are comfortable the story is the way you want others to see you click a button to submit it. We are immediately notified and review each story prior to it being posted.

As mentioned, you have the ability to identify the tattoo studio that did your tattoo as well as the artist. If they aren't in our directory at the time, we will search to get their information and get them into the directory. So it is a great way to give them the recognition they deserve for giving you a great tattoo.

You can access us from anywhere...

We all know that today's Internet is full of crummy sites, but even some really good websites don't do so great when browsing from your mobile device such as a tablet or phone. Our website has been designed and optimized for viewing on all of those types of devices and will adjust accordingly based on the screen size of the tablet or mobile phones. That way you always have our site and more importantly your story and your tagged favorites at your fingertips no mater where you are.

There are no special mobile apps to download, just a single place to get good tattoo related content. We are always listening to our members so feel free to provide us your ideas for us to include. We are programmers so you will be talking right to the people that can put new features or content into our website quickly.

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And don't forget; you don't even need to be a member to recommend new content to us via our contact us page. We have more and more tattoo articles prepared including book reviews, more info or taking care of your tattoos and how to select the right artists for your planned work, and so much more!