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For the Tattoo Artist Working at a Studio

As a tattoo artist your portfolio is everything!

The more you tattoo, the more the word spreads about your mad skill and in turn your reputation grows. Many other industries leverage websites like SalesForce dot com or the like to manage clients contact info so they can more effectively sell widgets to the next John Doe. Not the best fit for an industry that relies still on word of mouth and showing off the ink. This is where we have stepped in!

Working solely for tattoo artists in support of the industry as a whole, we have and are always adding new features to our platform that allows an artist to manage their client base. Many solutions are geared to shop owners and charge a premium price because of it. We are offering just a very simple, minimal solution mainly for artists that just want to make sure when they keep track of their clients.

Current features include the ability to:

  • manage your portfolio of tattoo photos and link them to client information,
  • manage your basic client contact info to keep in touch promoting repeat business,
  • offer clients a way to tell their tattoo story which also credits you as the artist,
  • inform enthusiasts where you are currently working, even with directions on how to get there,
  • display your portfolio of tattoos in a rotating slider,
  • and of course promote yourself as much as possible using our directory and other websites!

Additional features are planned for the future that include the ability to:

  • manage your appointments which can allow control and sync with your mobile phone,
  • be made aware of job opportunities posted by participating tattoo studios,
  • promote your other talents with ads of your other types of artwork,
  • and even blast your new tattoo work to facebook, twitter, and other sites all from one place!

It doesn't have to cost a penny...

There are two ways to make use of our website for a tattoo artist which are a no cost membership to associate yourself to a tattoo studio and promote yourself. We can provide story cards to handout to your clients which gains you additional free advertising when they submit their story. Some of these are explained in more detail on our page for helping tattoo artists promote themselves detailing the "Create Your Tattoo Story Cards".

The features that are available in our management platform to manage clients is available from your free registration so you can try it out. The premium membership simply allows you to manage more once you have decided it is easy to use and worth it to you to invest what works out to be $4 per month to manage an unlimited number of clients and tattoo photos. We are doing what we can to leave you no excuse to not at least try it out.

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We can also host your website!

The number one problem we see when we meet artists is that their website they built at one time, is down because of errors or lack of payment, it hasn't been updated so it doesn't display correctly, or the worst (but we see it so often) is the domain has expired and is no longer available.

We offer special discounted web hosting for $50 per year (this just covers our own costs) and can even help do the move for you. We monitor your site to make sure it is always up and make sure you know if your domain is about to expire. We can also help with improvements to your site and make it ready for the mobile phones and tablets without a separate website (called responsive design).

As an enthusiast and serious collector, we want to support the tattoo industry and do what we know how to do to make it easy for you. You should be able to concentrate on what you do best - creating beautiful artwork for the rest of us to display!