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Our low cost membership gets you a lot for $4 per month!

We have worked really hard (and will continue to) on creating a cost effective way to offer to tattoo shops and artists alike an easy way to increase their visibility to perspective clients. We also create and easy way for them to find you and your various ways of showing off your work. We maintain links to your websites, facebook pages, twitter communications, etc that is easily viewed on all computers and all mobile phones!

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So what now?

If you have questions, the best thing to do now is just drop a line telling us of your interest or asking a question or two. It will only take 30 seconds to do and it will help the community of users immediately. We can visit you if it makes sense, talk on the phone, etc to walk you through the site.

Or you can signup for the free listing in the same 30 seconds. Validate your account first from the automated email we send and take advantage of many items for free. Once you are comfortable, you can add premium membership very easily!