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Lassoing the Bull

Tattoo #8 (Angel lassoing bull; left inside bicep) My quest for more guardian angles obviously didnít stop at two. To be honest, how does one part with a number in oneís head? Iím not sure how many Iíll eventually get, but from the beauty of their wings, to their elegant romantic faces to their gowns that expose and elicit the word freedom, itís hard to part ways. I received my third angel just a few weeks ago and while going through a rough 07 romantically and fighting off my tendency towards being a hard-ass or how my friends like to call me ďthe BullĒ I decided to give the month of December and January over to myself. I tried not to wrestle with either side of my behaviors, the bull on one hand and the angel on the other. Instead I tried to give in, let those behaviors dictate my way of communicating and way of thinking. So to speak, I like coming out the gate strong, jumping and thrusting my horns in the air with reckless abandon. In certain areas of life the bull demonstrates power and authority and commands respect. But on the other side, the angel is the ultimate image of giving oneís self over, without question, and without an idea of whatís to come. That, while completely opposite to oneís thinking is the ultimate controlÖhaving the ability to lose your own. So, my angel, lassoing a bull is represented on my arm to show that I cater to both sides and that I donít believe thereís one correct way to live your life. I believe you need strength, bullishness even before you can ever hand yourself over willingly, like an angel to God or in my case another human, friend, family or lover. Tattoo #9 (Cherokee Healing Bear) My father was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma 2 Ĺ years ago. Itís the fourth stage of a brain tumor and he was given six months to live. I moved home from NYC to be with my family and spend the remaining days of my fatherís life as close to him as possible. He had attended a workshop for cancer patients given by an old Ďhealingí man who may or may not have been a Cherokee. But what he gave to my father was a small silver bear, that were meant to give him healing powers. My father then via the internet, ordered as many bears as he could that resembled this one and gave them to friends and family to wear around their necks. Most of my friends still have them around theirs though I chose to wear mine permanently on my arm. My fatherís life with brain cancer is not easy, but he is alive and I feel strongly itís in part do to a little bear that holds itself closely to all those in my fathers life and whom pray for him daily.

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