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Following the Sparrows

Tattoo #7 (Sparrows with writing; left inside arm below elbow) There is a history with Sparrows and tattoos. Sparrows have come to represent many things to many different people. For sailors, it represents 50,000 nautical miles traveled. In some gangs it means being released from prison, a sense of freedom. Sparrows have also come to mean finding oneís soul mate. When a sparrow mates, it mates for life with the same bird. Now, Iíve never sailed the high waters of any ocean, nor been incarcerated to my knowledge, and recent blind dates would suggest an ugly outcome for any soul mate coming down the pike soon, but for me they represented a coming of age. For one, they were my first color. Secondly, itís the first time I dipped below the elbow and said Fuck it to any passerbyís that may judge based on not being able to visibly cover all my tattoo with a short sleeve shirt anymore. So in a way, they brought a sense of adventure, entitlement and freedom. Between their beaks they are carrying a scroll that reads ďI want t o spend the rest of my lifeÖĒ That sentence right there probably nets more questions than any of my other tats combined. Itís a line from an Auden poem. To be completely honest, I donít want to share how I would end the sentence because I think it changes constantly and is one secret that I can take with me always. I like being an open book for the most part but I do also believe that every person should carry with him or herself a little secret that only they can share or define within themselves.

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