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The Cat and the Wolf

My first tattoo was a dolphin on my left ankle. In junior high and high school I had low self esteem and some of the other kids I hung around with did too. However a few of them decided to cope by putting me down. Back then it was hard to see beyond the school walls. Once I graduated and started my first year of college I literally woke up. I decided to change to a positive outlook and live life to the fullest. Life is short so you have to make the most of it. I had a complete attitude change and felt great about who I was. I decided to get a permanent reminder to always live each day to the fullest. The reminder was in the symbol of the dolphin. That was 10 years ago. I have since added to it, it now has waves and some cherry blossoms making a much brighter piece. The second tattoo I got was a black cat on my lower back. The concept behind this tattoo was to mark when I officially started living on my own and being independent. Since Cats are seen as independent creatures I choose a Black cat. I had this done about 8 to 9 years ago (prior to the internet available in every home). I wish I knew some of the things I know now, back then. When I went in I hadn't seen any of the artistís other works. I really didn't think to question him honestly. I just assumed he's working in a tattoo shop he must know his stuff! I was wrong. Instead of taking the time with me to help come up with a cool design or really get to know why and what I wanted, looking back, he just wanted to make the quick sale. So I ended up picking a flash design off the wall that didn't come out quite the same. The artist said the black might fade and he would do a touch up free of charge if it did. Sure enough the black faded some and I returned to the shop a few weeks later. Upon returning, turns out he was no longer working there. The guy at the shop that day called the owner and the owner agreed that since I had it done there they would still honor the free touch up. Again I assumed the guy at the counter must know how to tattoo and what he was doing without question. The session for the touchup took longer and was much more painful than the first time. It was the one and only time I nearly passed out getting a tattoo. It wasn't until months later that we noticed it didn't look quite right. The guy had scarred the tissue so bad it never looked right. Due to the intense pain in that spot I never went back and hadn't planned on getting it fixed. That was 8 years ago and just recently I made the decision to get it covered up with a better looking black cat piece. I started the outline for the cover-up just prior to Christmas and it is currently in progress turning into one of the best tattoo's I have. My 3rd tattoo was the Chinese symbol for wolf on my right arm. I got that one about 5 years ago. Ever since I was a young child I have loved wolves. I see them as my personal totem and a symbol of how I want to live my life. They are loyal, loving, protective of the pack, and mate for life. I wanted a reminder of these simple ideals and that is how I decided upon the wolf Chinese symbol. My 4th tattoo is quite special. On my left arm that is my daughter's name and Celtic knot work in the shape of angel wings. Aside from the meaning itself, that tattoo is even more special due to the time I got it done. My brother who has been battling colon cancer went into remission for a brief time. He started feeling good and came for a visit from California. While he was here we both got the same arm tattooed (the left arm). He got two Les Paul Guitars intertwined with Music Notes on his left arm at the same time I got the one for my daughter. My 5th tattoo is on my right arm. I decided to add something below my Chinese symbol for Wolf. I went with two wolves playfully nuzzling each other. Within their fur are stars. These symbolize me and my husband who is my true soul mate. I find it interesting that people from all walks of life have ink or are getting their first tattoo. Gone are the days where just bikers and prison inmates have tats. I remember a high school teacher I had that had Shakespeare quotes tattooed on her arms and ankle. I work in Marketing in Brand Management in the corporate world, plus I am a wife and mom. Tattoos have evolved to be an expression of who you are and what you have experienced. It's fascinating the stories a tattoo can tell.

Photos of My Tattoo