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1st tattoos & love after 40th HS reunion

I'm 58, never was a fan of tattoos, and frankly was deeply intimidated by the people covered with them. You can imagine my delight a few years back when my 30 year old son Chris, thanked me for NOT allowing him to cover his bicep with a barbed wire fence tattoo while in high school. I felt vindicated, I was right!....tattoos were for long haired, tough looking bikers and hard-core criminals in jail, not for normal, average, every day people. But fast forward a few years...... my oldest daughter Julie, a "goody goody, always by the book, perfect student, awesome athlete" daughter comes back from a summer vacation at 18 with a new tattoo on her lower back. I was shocked, disappointed and promptly informed her it was permanent, and she'd be sorry some day....she just smiled and to her credit, she's still happy with it 12 years later. Times change and I began to feel slightly different when Julie and my younger daughter Kari, opted for tattoos to honor their dad who had passed away. Suddenly I was looking at a tattoo with new eyes.....still not 100% on board, but with a tiny bit more acceptance. And then a year ago, I shamelessly changed my tune on tattoos when Julie decided on an anchor with yellow roses on her wrist to remind her of me! Maybe tattoos weren't so bad. Enter the love of my life.... Scott and I went to high school together 41 years ago. He and I reconnected at our 40th high school reunion and began a long distance phone relationship in October 2012. (he lives in San Diego and I'm in Florida) Our chemistry actually began at the 30th reunion but timing couldn't have been worse, so despite a few sparks back then, and a few scattered emails over the next decade, it took 10 more years to connect. 3000 miles made it easy to stay apart but now the timing was right so we spent the next 5 months talking on the phone every single night at 6:20 Pacific Standard Time.....sometimes for 2 to 3 hours. In February, we decided to meet face to face, so I flew to San Diego and our relationship has flourished ever since. In hindsight, it's hard for me to believe it was MY idea for a tattoo....I'm a little gun-shy on the idea of marriage, but our feelings were incredibly strong, and it was important for me to share the depth of my commitment to Scott.....so I suggested the idea of a tattoo.... Never thinking Scott would agree to it so readily, next thing I knew, we were looking at tattoo art. Kari, who is also an artist, got us started with a simple design, linking two hearts together with the time, 6:20 in the center. The time was symbolic of our phone calls and the connected hearts represent the growing love. We found a local tattoo studio, Shamrock Tattoo in Ormond Beach, Fl. (as clean as a doctor's office), met with the referred tattoo artist Frank Wilson, worked up the final design and scheduled an appointment. Was I really going through with this??? March 22, 2013.....Scott volunteered to go first and had the tattoo inked on the inside of his forearm.....he never displayed one sign of pain and in 20 minutes it was over and looked great... My turn.....I decided on the front left hip area right above the bikini line. I was more interested in Scott knowing my commitment than the rest of the world, so less visible worked for me. But OMG! What was I thinking? The pain was excruciating, measuring right up there with child birth and I've had three, so I know what I'm talking about. No one EVER mentioned pain.... Frank continued to reiterate how important it was to breathe and hold still. Are you kidding me?? Scott kept saying it would be okay.... In the next 30 minutes, I completely soaked the massage table with sweat, all the while, having a nail digging, death grip on Scott's hand and wondering what the hell I was doing in the place. I kept telling myself I could get through this, trying to remember WHY I was doing this.....Finally, the needle vibration ceased, there was quiet and Frank said I could open my tightly squeezed shut eyes. It was done.....I was now tattooed to show the love of my life how much he meant to me....I have to be honest.....I wasn't feeling too much love at that moment but as the days went by and the healing began, I started to feel better about the tattoo. Today, almost 7 months after the big day, I'm very happy with with my tattoo, but I can promise you, there will NEVER be another one....NOT on this body! And to all you partially or completely covered, tattooed people out there......No more intimidated feelings...in my book, you're very brave and I have the utmost respect for you and what you endured to wear the art.

Photos of My Tattoo