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Don't Fear the Reaper

I've always wanted a tattoo. However, over the years I've watched my friends get unoriginal tattoos from less than talented artists and I wanted to wait until I found an amazing artist to get my first tattoo. My wife has several tattoos and was itching for another when we stopped in to Kiss of Ink Tattoo Studio in Lynchburg Virginia to have some lettering done on her back. I watched my wife get her tattoo and saw the clean crisp lines of the letters and the pure talent of the artist, Coy Irby. I had known Coy before then, we went to school together and hadn't seen each other in years. I decided then, at the age of 33, that I wanted a tattoo and I wanted Coy to do it. A few days later we stopped back in the studio to discuss what I wanted with Coy. I knew I wanted a small reaper on my arm, I never imagined it would turn in to a full sleeve and a beautiful work of art. To me, the reaper symbolizes equality. Equality in that it doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, tall or short, black or white....we will all meet the reaper. Just a few days later I was sitting in the chair getting my first tattoo and was instantly hooked. About a month after I got the reaper at the top of my arm, I got deaths horse at the bottom of my arm. On the inside of my arm is the ferryman and deaths castle. All of the pieces of this sleeve are original artwork, much of it drawn directly on my skin with a sharpie then tattooed. The artist, Coy Irby, is unbelievably talented and has an impeccable eye for detail. We are already talking about my next sleeve, the sleeve of life. I feel it will be good to have the balance of life and death. Since the completion of the reaper sleeve I have gotten several more tattoos, all from artists at Kiss of Ink and have had nothing but great experiences with them. I am looking forward to my next tattoo already.

Photos of My Tattoo