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White Sails In The Sunset

This was my very first tattoo! Started in 2007, as a 1/4 sleeve. Based off the lyrics, cover art of AFI's "Black Sails in the Sunset" and the Greek mythological story of Theseus (In this myth, when he goes to slay the Minotaur, he leaves on a ship with black sails, and if he survives he will change the sails to white so his father knows he lived. However, Theseus forgets to change the sails to white, so his father kills himself, taking Theseus for dead). In my tattoo, on my outer arm, I had the sails changed to white, so when his father would see the ship coming home in the sunset, he would see his son coming home alive, and not kill himself in despair. So I made it WHITE Sails in the Sunset. On the inside of my arm, I had mount fuji, from my influence of the asian style of the tattoo waters, improvised, and also as a joke, done just below my armpit. Ironically - gross as it sounds for a girl - if I don't wax/shave my armpits - if my armpit hair grows, it looks like Mt. Fuji is erupting! Go ahead, Laugh Out Loud :) It was an inside joke between me and my artist. When the tattoo was extended later down to my elbow (after my chest-piece was done, and I had gotten involved in a group called Dharma Punx - www.dharmapunx.com - and had a very deep spiritual experience in my life) I had the holder of the wheel of life tattooed over my elbow (Yama - Tibetan) and a male and female figure being sucked down in the waters towards his whirlpool. When the sleeve was extended down towards a full sleeve, I decided to have the Ship from my upper arm sunken, to symbolize the end of life, over a coral reef of zombie skulls (living dead style). Later on, I had Gene Coffey (Tattoo Culture, Brooklyn, Ny) add on some stitches to both my wrists, because my hands are chronically cold (I have a syndrome called raynaud's syndrome - inherited family thing where you're fingers are cold in the winter, my boyfriends would call me "zombie hands") so I had him do the stitches to cap off the sleeve and match it on both wrists. The text below is matched on both wrists from the movie Boondock Saints. One wrist on the sleeve says "Veritas" the Other is "Aquitas' - Justice and Truth. Veritas, the goddess of Truth, was believed to hide at the bottom of the holy well, thus why I had her tattooed at the bottom of this sleeve below the sunken ship, ending this tale. The extremely small and fine detail Brian does is yet to be found by any other artist I have ever seen anywhere. He is a true genius. And the colors have held up for almost a decade!