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LA Love Story

in 2009 I traveled to LA and got this Papa Legpa tattoo (center of neckpiece) with my boyfriend (unnamed) - and I swore to never get matching tattoos. But when we got the matching tattoo, I got my name on the the tattoo (not his name, big mistake), and he got the same tattoo with my name - and had me choose where it got placed! When I suspected, on our second to last night, that this what not a "forever" romance, I had the tattoo place on his thigh by his crotch "area" (so whenever a girl for the rest of his life, whenever she saw or went near his crotch area, she'd see my name and ask "who's Graves?"). After leaving LA I felt scorned when he put me on the plane and said - as expected- "Had a good time kid, see ya" - after I planned to move to LA and uproot with him - came to NYC, lost my job, and had my life fall apart. I consulted with Emma, and she knew the "gentleman", and we added the flowers to soften the tattoo and bring a healing beauty from the darkness associated with the tattoo. Later on it matched the tattoo on the left side of my neck done by Brian Ulrich at living arts, which is a living dead girl - Mexican Day of the Dead Virgin Mary LA Style - to compliment the piece - to balance this side. Male and female. Emma brought feeling to this piece with these beautiful flowers, and out tattoo session was also a healing session, and our friend and one of her long term clients and one of my art buyers was there to hold my hand - a true cathartic experience. I'll never forget this tattoo. Three Lessons from this story: One: When you get a matching tattoo with a man, you choose, and never get his name. Two: Never have any regrets. Three: Life is full of lessons, and through the darkness, breaks the lights, including tattoos, Thanks Emma!