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The Mariner Lost

As anyone who works on the water, the mariners cross is not something that any one person can wear. It is earned and given by someone who feels you earn it. That being said I wear one around my neck everyday religiously. My cross was given to me by my late uncle and father figure John Pushak JR, or better known as J.P. This story starts in May of 2011, when I got a phone call that anybody would dread, my uncle JP was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was given 6 months to a year to live. Now seeings how I had lost my real father when I was six years old and JP did what any uncle would do and stepped up and showed me the way of life.... tough at times but he molded me into the man I am today. The fact he worked on the river since he was a young man himself, he did not get much time with anybody, so when I got that horrible news that he had cancer I told myself that I would get as much time with him to support him through his very difficult journey and to let him know that I love him and thank him for him doing the great job he had done with me. Well as the next few months went along and the trials and tribulations came with bad news over and over, I stood at his side and watched one of the strongest men I have ever known fight a fight that could not be won. The hardest part of all of this was not the part I knew he was going to pass but watching him give up on life, but it was for the best for he was in so much pain that everyone around him felt it too. The day was November 19th when the good lord decided to relieve his pain and take JP from all of us. It destroyed my best friend who is also my cousin. We mourned for a couple of days, but instead of just letting him be a memory in our minds I decided to go and show my love for him by getting this mariner's cross on my arm with his initials. The excellent work done by Tyree had such an effect on not just me but his two sons and his daughter. This is the story of the mariner lost but never forgotten.

Photos of My Tattoo