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Oh F***, Here Comes a Shark!

I've always been a little weary of tattoos that people get of their favorite cover art. The art and tattoos are usually good designs, however, when you look at the tattoo the person always has to comment something like, "yeah, old AFI, not their newer stuff." As if the they wish to no longer related to the music or why they originally got it any more. This piece was the last tattoo to finish my full sleeve of cover art. This is cover art, on the other hand, is from the band I am in. Because this is art associated with my music, my experiences, my hardships, and my life on the road; it will never lose it's meaning and never grow tired as the years pass. This particular piece was original art by Geno Genma for a song we wrote entitled Sharks Live In Water, There's Water In My Toilet, I Rest My Case. The image was also printed for t-shirts and now tattooed on myself by Sarah Miller of Wyld Chyld Tattoo in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Photos of My Tattoo