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Geisha Zombie Battle Leg Sleeve

This leg sleeve was my largest, longest and most adventures venture of all of my tattoos. I met Gene less than a year into his tattoo apprenticeship at Tattoo Culture. I had seen his work on many of my friends at the group Dharma Punx and was caught by these bright new color tattoos popping up on all my friends in Brooklyn. I asked who was doing them and they told me "This Brilliant(!!!) NEW artist named Gene Coffey at Tattoo Culture, he's apprenticing, you have to meet him and see his work!" I was hesitant because all of my artists were old school with 20 years experience under their belts or more (Brian Ulrich and Emma Griffiths, who now works with Gene). So in 2007 I met Gene with this very colorful, out of the box, bright, "Living Dead" idea I had for a large piece on my left arm or left leg, and if I felt he had the gift my gut said he had, I would offer it to him. And I saw he did, from the work I saw on my friends, in his book, in his artwork, and how we discussed the piece. So I offered him the piece on my whole left leg and his jaw DROPPED! He was ecstatic! It would be his biggest piece so early in his career - a risk for me per say but such a huge gift to him. So for just over a year he took his time working on this piece and it's the most eye popping, award winning and stunning tattoo I have. A year and a half later he did the gun on my right leg in full perfect realism. I knew he had the gift, and he does. Gene Coffey is the next great rising star in the tattoo world. It's won several best color trophies, been voted most original tattoo in Bizarre Magazines 2011 Annual, and been photographed in just about every major tattoo magazine. Check out Gene's amazing work - www.tattooculture.net And I absolutely can't wear shorts anymore with this tattoo!