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The skull tattooed on my head is my latest ink..I went back and forth on the decision to get my head done..being a heavily tattooed person I already know what it is like to be judged negatively by the way I look and knew going on to my head would really cause reaction from people. I ultimately decided to go for it because I want to show everyone that I am proud of my ink..my life told on my body through tattoos. I'm not a criminal, drug addict, or prisoner I am a hard working husband, father and son and taking the step of getting this tattoo on my head is my way of saying to all the negative judgments, stares and comments Fuck You! I will not put a limit on where I get tattooed..I'm proud and if you don't like it then don't look! I chose the skull as my tattoo not for any negative or evil meaning..it means to me strength, courage, protector and as a man/husband and father those are important qualities to me!

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