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My Life .. My Wife

This chest piece is one of my favorite of all my tattoos..I put a lot of thought into what I wanted and thanks to my tattoo artist Jay Sall it is better than I even pictured in my mind..the sacred heart is in remembrance of my sister Patty that passed away R.I.P. The girl is a representation of my wife Wednesday..I've wanted to have her portrait tattooed on me for a long time but didn't want to go with just the traditional portrait look..Wednesday is heavily tattooed also and the Day of the Dead look is very much her style...each tattoo on the girls arms and chest are actual tattoos that are on my wife's arms and chest. The word Spider is tattooed beneath the portrait because that is the nickname I've had for many years. The snake is tattooed on me to show my protection of my wife..my sister and myself.

Photos of My Tattoo

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