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Biomechanical Journey

I've always wanted tattoos since I can remember. I've seen all my friends get ink, from small pieces to full chest and sleeves. I could never figure out what I wanted. After about 2 years of debating and staring at Guy Aitchison and Aaron Cain pictures, I decided I definitely wanted to do something Bio-mechanical whether it was organic or gears. Having moved from the northeast to North Carolina I told myself that starting this new chapter of my life involved finding a good artist and finally following through with getting inked. I searched Google for days looking at artists portfolios, comparing them to the reference pics I had saved, analyzing every detail I could because I wanted my first tattoo to be complex and detailed. I landed on a place in Charlotte, NC called Paris Tattoos. Paris' profile online was perfect, 20+ years experience and amazing pics of work on his website. I walked into his shop and was surrounded by beautiful paintings and trophies and I just got that feeling like this was definitely the place to get this done! After sitting down and talking with him, my entire direction changed. We tossed ideas around and scale of certain things and came up with an idea that got me hyped to start this tattoo. Not having any ink prior to this sleeve I had no idea what to expect, especially since Paris wanted to do the whole thing freehand. He drew a design on me, asked me if I liked where it was and we got started. I sat for almost 5 hours for my first tattoo session and since then getting ink has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I've had great conversation and definitely have a new respect for art, artists, and met people with awesome tattoos, all while getting tattooed! Currently I have about 30 hours into my sleeve and probably one more 5-6 hour session to finish up little details. I've learned a lot since I've been tattooed. There is definitely a stereotype that comes with it especially if its visible. People with tattoos have even criticized me. It seems there are some people out there who can't or don't appreciate good art. A few people have told me they don't understand why I would get something that doesn't have a meaning! I love the art that is inside my skin! I love that the tattoo is a part of me in an artistic and physical sense. I'm grateful to have met such an amazing artist to share the experience of my first tattoo with. Because of my idea and his talent I've met some cool people, been photographed and have had countless compliments on my sleeve. Ink truly is addicting and I can't wait to start new projects with new artists and keep the ball rolling! Thanks to anyone reading my story and the people @Tattales for taking and posting my pic on the website. Hopefully there will be more pics and stories coming soon!

Photos of My Tattoo