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My story is that of independence. I am a 48 yr old single woman who is now an "empty nester". At 15 yrs old I begggggged my parents for a tattoo which was unheard of for teenagers back then - let alone girls. I could not convince them. Therefore, on my 18th birthday I got my first tattoo. Simple and hidden - but my choice. Many years passed; through a marriage until a divorce at age 35. At 37, my "independence" expression began to return. (my son now 18 was the fuel for that fire - the greatest kid on earth; no prejudice here :)) I then added to my first tattoo. At 40, another, much larger tattoo. At 47, I attached my first to that most recent - leading from the front lower right hip to the left lower back. At 48 on mother's day, my son, now an avid tattoo addict, wanted mother / son hearts so that was placed on my upper right shoulder. The photo seen here is the initial phase of the final attachment of all tattoos together. As my independence has grown, my tattos have followed. It should be noted that when my son begggggged me for a tattoo (and agreement from his father), he got his first at 16. And several more since. Now that he has moved out and is attending college, it gives me great satisfaction that he is realizing his sense of independence at an earlier stage in the game than I.

Photos of My Tattoo