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Surprise First Tattoo

I was 18 and had wanted a tattoo for awhile, but I had not seen anything I really liked yet. I was in North Carolina during the summer visiting family. My sister in law invited me along with her to pick out her tattoo. She was going to get a butterfly on her hip. Her boyfriend at the time was not really happy about her getting the tattoo. I'll never forget how many tattoo shops I saw on such a small strip of road near Camp Lejune. There were more tattoo shops than gas stations which really helped out on the price of my tattoo. Anyways, we walked into this little shop and she was looking around at the art on the walls trying to pick something out. I was doing the same just admiring the artwork and I saw something that caught my eye. It was a little flower in the center of 2 vines coming out on the sides. It was simple and I really liked the color of the main flower which was turquoise. I decided I had finally found something worth putting on my body forever. So I paid my $60 and got my tattoo on my lower back. There wasn't any real meaning behind my tattoo except that I wanted to get one. I don't regret it at all and I still really like the tattoo. I'm actually considering getting it touched up very soon. The funny part of the story is that my sister in law who was supposed to be getting the tattoo ending up not getting it because she was worried about her boyfriend.

Photos of My Tattoo

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