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Error in Spelling, Big in Meaning

First off, YES, my tattoo has spelling errors. Lets move on... When I was in the sixth grade I lost my close aunt to colon cancer. It was after that I had decided i wanted a tattoo that would remind me of my aunt everyday, everywhere I went. I wanted something that would be a part of my aunt and myself combined. As I got older I started to become more aware of all the other types of cancer that killed millions of people everyday. With a new compassion towards life, I started thinking of what art work I wanted on my body. At first I wanted a big portrait of quan yin, which is lady Buddha, and a butterfly in her hands. But seeing how it was going to be my first tattoo, I decided to go with something a little smaller. Things changed when my senior year of high school was just starting and colon cancer had come back in my family. My grandfather was diagnosed that summer and thankfully was cured after they had cut out the cancerous parts in his colon. After seeing how quickly life changes, I started living with this motto: live, love, and laugh. I stopped getting upset over the little things and moved on in life. A week after I turned eighteen, I went in to a parlor called Chill Mode with my best friend and sketched out my tattoo. I guess it was partially my fault for not reading the words after the artist had sketched it out but it looked beautiful so I gave him the OK. Half way through he stopped and told me he messed up and that he was sorry but i told him to just go on. When it was all set and done, I looked in the mirror and saw perfection, I thanked my artist and headed out to my birthday party which I was late for. Its been less than a year since I got this tattoo and everyday that I see it, it brings a smile to my face. I am planning to add to this tattoo very soon though and am most likely going to cover a good 80% of my back.

Photos of My Tattoo