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Rebel with a Cause

January 30th 2010 got my second permanent tattoo from nape to middle of upper back by Alex Gayoma of Ink Xposure, Recto Philippines. For my second tattoo, I want something that will represent my rebellion, my hate, my music, my faith and "me". That's why there's a silhouette of my face, with an inverted pentagram as the background to represent my hate and my love for heavy metal music. (Got the idea from the album cover of Holy Moses' "Strength, Power, Will, Passion" (a German Thrash Metal band that has whose lead vocalist is female (my name is German for "to pledge", and I'm a female also)) Lines above the inverted pentagram is a subliminal 666 (the number of the beast) to represent me as a misanthropist. The quote below "He doesn't hate" was said by Tom Araya of Slayer in Metal: A Headbanger's Journey. The "I do" was my own idea. He- referring to God, to show that I'm not a satanist and that somehow I still worship God though I doubt many things about Christianity. I just don't want to put "God doesn't hate" because it is so straight and I want to put some enigma on it. The lines just below the text was from the logo of a melodic death metal band, The Absence. I really like it, when I first saw it and when you look at it in the right side it's a treble clef aka G clef, music related again and G, first letter of my first name.

Photos of My Tattoo