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New Beginnings

At the age of 24 I had hit rock bottom. I had just kicked out my husband who had been emotionally and physically abusive, was living on the floor of my parents house, and had nothing (none of this due to drugs or anything, just a stupid choice in husband). I had a small tattoo on my shoulder blade that he designed. A friend recommended I have it removed or covered. I decided to cover it - with a large and beautiful tattoo. I love the water and the calm it brings, so I had Jared of Sacred Heart Tattoo in Houston, TX design a seahorse for me. About 3 sittings later, I had something beautiful on my body, and started to recover my identity. On the really bad days, I could look in the mirror and see something beautiful that could not be taken from me. It gave me a sense of pride and determination to get my life back. The Koi was second. I had gone back to school and had the opportunity to study in Belize. When I got back, I had Jared design the fish to symbolize my journey - I had accomplished something great! The octopus was third (again by Jared) - I had graduated with my BS in Anthropology and wanted a significant tattoo to celebrate (I study tattoos and their relationship to life events!). My whole back is my journey of becoming a successful woman - I even added a sea turtle on my leg when I bought my first home and started graduate school. Total time for my back - 40 hours over 3 years.

Photos of My Tattoo