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The Black Sack Tattoo

This story isn't exactly one of personal experience, rather one I heard while getting inked. During my last session I sat for six hours so my artist and I had tons to talk about. It really started when I asked if he had seen one of the last episodes of the show Taboo. For those that haven't seen this show, it explores cultures from around the world and discusses ritualistic practices that in some parts of the world, most commonly the United States, are seen as "taboo". Many times the show has one of it excerpts about tattooing. In this case it was actually something that occurred in the US, the tattooing of someone's eye. Now, I don't really agree with the term tattooing in this case because the ink was actually injected under the outer layers of the eye, purposefully trying to color the white part of the eye. The gentleman, okay the absolute freak, was requesting that the white part of his eye be "tattooed" black. So the artist performing this simply injected ink at strategic places in order for the ink to break apart eventually spreading throughout the eye. Of course if the ink were to spread too far, into the center of the eye, the guy could be blinded. Too sever e of a price for me to look like death anyway. Death was exactly what he looked like at the end, eyes as black as coal. The funny part about this story is that this is not my main story. This was only what led to our rather disturbing conversation. Apparently people of all shapes and sizes come in to get tattoos of all shapes in all places. The request my artist turned down was to tattoo a crimson rose on the shaft of a man's penis and to tattoo his sack black. In actuality he didn't turn down the work he simply quoted more than he would have because of the area it was getting tattooed on. The regular client went elsewhere because he was offended of the elevated price. Instead, he traveled two states and went with the lowest price. Weeks later he came back to show off his tattoo and by whom he had do the work. Turns out this tattoo artist knew of the other and called to find out how he had turned the man's balls jet black. Right here I had to ask what it looked like as I assumed it looked quite odd. He confirmed my request that it appeared as if someone had balls that were rotting off. Crazy and this is not where the story ends. The phone call to the artist that performed the work revealed some rather unorthodox methods for getting the job done. Apparently, the crimson rose was done traditionally but turned out rather poor as the "canvas" kept changing in size! When it comes to the sack, the butcher found a syringe and began pumping the syringe in and out of the nut sack while injecting more and more ink, un-freakin-believable! As you can imagine this story ends badly. It took a number of years, but the man with the black sack, did run into complications. When the ball sack was getting poked and prodded with the syringe, some of the sticks when directly into the testicles and therefore the ink was injected directly into the testicles. I can't speak to what the exact issues were, but the man is now dead (not directly from this, but from various additional complications that arose from surgeries and degraded health from unrelated cancer). It was hard to sit still after that story. My own testicles were trying to hide.

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