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Finding Wings

I am a metalhead and I really want to have tattoo since I was in highschool but I never got the chance because I was so young and I don't have money to afford that time. When I started to work, I said to myself that one day I'll be having a tattoo, then, January 15, 2010 came, the first payday in 2010, I got it. I got the design in the internet, out of all the thousand bat design in the internet this fascinated me the most. I chose a bat because unlike other winged-animal, bats are the mammal like us, and they are the only mammal that can truly fly. Bats are more sinister compared to doves and butterflies, bats are the inspiration to horror characters such as Dracula that's why most peoples are afraid to them. Just like me, bats have a poor eyesight that's why they use their ears to "see" things that our bare eyes couldn't. Just like what metal music is to me, I used my ears to see or realize a lot of things that most of the people ignore. Also, just like Count Dracula, I don't like Sun that much because it is making me tan. That's why behind the bat, there's a moon. The 1916 number represent my age, when I got the tattoo (19) and my date of birth (16).

Photos of My Tattoo