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What Goes Around, Comes Around

I was always considered the good daughter by my dad. Then May 14, 2008 changed my whole outlook on life. See, my Dad was in a house fire and lived for one month. Before this I did not have the first tattoo. So I decided I wanted something that would make me never forget who my dad was. So I went and got my first tattoo at the Chattanooga Tattoo Convention by Skip Chisto of Evermore Galleries. The weird thing about the whole thing is that I had no idea who I could get to do it. So I called the number on the ad to see if they could tell me who might could do it and it just happened that Skip answered the phone and he said that he specialized in portraits. That was my luck. I was so pleased with my Dad's tattoo I went back two months later and got my Mom's portrait done. She has not passed away, I just wanted To get it before anything should happen. So she could see it. Now I have my Mom and Dad on each side of my back with a V in the middle. Which is the number five for the fifth commandment "honor thy mother and thy father always". Each portirat took about four hours and together cost around $1000.00. I was so afraid that it was going to hurt but it was not so bad. Now i will never forget my Dad. My sister and I felt that our Dad's wife had something to do with his death, because she was untouched by the fire. There were other things that pointed to her as being guilty. This ate at me for several months. So what do i go do. Go and get another tattoo. This one starts on one wrist and continues on the other one. It says "what goes around, comes around". This is dedicated to his former wife. My tattoos help me realize where I'm from and remind me that life is to short to sit back in the passenger set. Rachel

Photos of My Tattoo