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We met Miss Graves at Mario Garth's 2012 Inked Out show held in New Jersey. Having caught our eye more than once, she definitely holds a presence both by her stunning artwork she proudly displays and her sleek frame that seemed to march through the expo. It has been a pleasure to start to get to know her through email and proud to have her as TatTales first "member highlight". Her biography is below as well as links to her tattoo stories.

Her personal website can be found at the following link: The Living Dead Girl

Biography and Tattoo Stories of the Living Dead Girl

You have entered the world of the woman on the front lines of the war to bring the EDGE, the DEPTH, the SUBSTANCE & the COLOR back to being a TATTOOED WOMAN.

To Hell with average art, average women & average tattoos.

This is DAWN of the LIVING DEAD GIRL...

Melissa Alabama Graves rose from the dead on October 16th in a small haunted town in the dark woods of New Jersey. By the age of four young Melissa had begun painting and drawing without the aid of schooling or proper training, scaring her catholic school teachers and convincing them early on she was possessed. By the age of six she was hanging out around the local funeral home and collecting the bones of various small animals and storing them under her pillow. By the time she had reached junior high, she had amassed a collection of classic zombie & burlesque films and owned her very own coffin. Thus began a lifelong career of creative creep-ery, perversion and a trough of lifelong inspiration.

In the fall of 2003 Melissa moved to NYC to attend the School of Visual Arts - one of the top Art Academies in America. She immediately planted her roots in both the underground music and fetish scenes, and was a regular spectator (and spectacle) at the Coney Island Side Show every summer. Here she found a love of tattooed performers, and befriended local legend Eak the Geek (with space tattooed on her face), Nelson Lugo. Remy Vicious, Insectavora, others, and herself became involved in the NYC tattoo culture - a move which has since launched her into a career in modeling and live performance.

At SVA, under the guidance of some of the best working artists in the contemporary world, Melissa expanded her technical expertise and artistic vision by delving into volumes of historic texts and photographs from early 20th century circus companies, medical libraries, the Mutter Museum and the Musée Dupuytren in Paris. Her first show in December of 2006, Festering Through Infectious Time, debuted her vision of the art show as circus theme, even capping off the show with a spoken word poetry performance by none other than Eak the Geek. This show was applauded by the school and followed immediately by inclusion in a group exhibition at the Visual Arts Gallery in Chelsea, Tomorrow's Artists Today. Her graduation show in May 2007, The Aristocrats, expanded her vision of the living sideshow; a vision launched by her research in the history of medical deformities and crime scene photography of the 40's and 50's.

Since graduating in May 2007, Melissa has shown her work in several group exhibitions, including multiple shows at Tattoo Culture in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and with collectives including False Aristocracy and the After Sputnik Project. In the summer of 2008 she traveled to France to rendezvous with famous French tattoo artist Noon and several stars of the body modifications scene. While in Paris she expanded her studies of medical texts and historic photography at the Musée Dupuytren itself, the Musée d'Histoire de la Médecine, and the Museum of Eroticism. She also had the chance to visit the famous Red Light District, famous old cemeteries, and the underground clubs of Paris. In 2009 she travelled to LA for more adventure. There she met Kat Von D, Nikki Sixx, Bam Margera and many other celebrities and got to see "behind the veil" of American celebrity - but still get her masturbatory celebrity kick - and meet many real local legends, explore the local under world of LA, and see the west coast LA art scene.

Miss Graves now lives and works out of her own private enclave on the Cemetery's Edge in the Great Garbage State, and continues to show her work both individually and in group exhibitions. In 2009-2010 she had her own solo show at Ripley's Believe it Or Not! Odditorium in Times Square NYC, had full spread features in multiple magazines including Tatowier Magazin, International Tattoo and Bizarre UK, as well as starring in episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent (S.9. Ep.11) and Gossip Girl. You can also see her in Acey Slade's music video for "She Brings Down the Moon" and the documentary on the ground breaking Dharma Punx movement in NYC entitled "Meditate & Destroy", produced by Blue Lotus Films Inc which is currently for sale online.

Currently LDG Inc is pursuing her art and modeling careers in NYC and is continually gracing the pages of tattoo publications worldwide. She also makes yearly appearances at the NYC Tattoo Convention and the past two years of Mario Barth's new INKED OUT NJ Tattoo Convention, winning Best Color Tattoo for her leg tattoos by Gene Coffey of Tattoo Culture. Recently she has graced the pages of magazines including Rebel Ink, Urban Ink, Skin &Ink, Tattoo, International Tattoo and more, and even done guest spots on Law & Order SVU.

This past year death brushed Miss Graves' life once more. In 2011 LDG was struck by a large vehicle, crushing her left foot and ankle (thanks to her quick reflexes and perhaps a higher power or this may be an obituary). After a year plus of painful and still ongoing recovery, she has refocused her life with passion and intensity. Many of her new artwork and tattoos are relative to the experience she has gone through this last year, and through the pain she has suffered she has risen above and continues to Pursue her career with optimism and more spirit than EVER before.

Today, she truly is GRATEFUL to be a LIVING Dead Girl!