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McKinley Grand Hotel‎ 320 Market Avenue South Canton, OH 44702

Special thanks to James and crew that hooked us up with the press passes to cover the event. This was the third annual Canton Tattoo Classic, but the second time hosted by the McKinley Grand Hotel‎. There were many talented artists demonstrating their skill so again, thanks to everyone there for allowing us to photograph and highlight the excellent venue.

  • Medusa Shoulder

    Medusa Shoulder

  • Roses Black Gray Tattoo

    Roses Black Gray Tattoo

  • Eye Back Knee

    Eye Back Knee

  • Hammers Tattoo

    Hammers Tattoo

  • Dragonflies Shoulder

    Dragonflies Shoulder

  • Decorative Vines

    Decorative Vines

  • Madre Back

    Madre Back

  • My Museum Tattooing Hand

    My Museum Tattooing Hand

  • Pinup In Flag

    Pinup In Flag

  • Awesome Black And Gray

    Awesome Black And Gray

  • My Museum

    My Museum

  • Jester


  • Ink And Destroy

    Ink And Destroy

  • Empire Ink

    Empire Ink

  • In Your Hands

    In Your Hands

  • Religous Flowers Leg

    Religous Flowers Leg

  • Black Gray Backpiece

    Black Gray Backpiece

  • Flowers Shoulder

    Flowers Shoulder

  • Zombie Leg

    Zombie Leg

  • Fire Dept

    Fire Dept

  • Joshua White

    Joshua White

  • Firefighter Ladder

    Firefighter Ladder

  • Tattooed Arm 1

    Tattooed Arm 1

  • Only God

    Only God

  • Pyramid Mystical Eye Hand

    Pyramid Mystical Eye Hand

  • Bad Boy Tattoo

    Bad Boy Tattoo

  • Summer Sleeve

    Summer Sleeve

  • Scott Versago

    Scott Versago

  • Akron Electric

    Akron Electric

  • Lady Backpiece

    Lady Backpiece

  • Knife Anchor Leg

    Knife Anchor Leg

  • Eric Lee

    Eric Lee

  • Turtle Jellyfish

    Turtle Jellyfish

  • Art Bomb Tattoos

    Art Bomb Tattoos

  • Judges Table

    Judges Table

  • Ink And Destroy Booth

    Ink And Destroy Booth

  • Tiger Snake

    Tiger Snake