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Drew Barrymore Tattoos

Drew Barrymore, first known for her innocence as the little girl in E.T., Drew has grown up on the big screen to be one of the biggest stars we all know today. Her performances in the remake of the hit show Charlie's Angels, brought her a whole new attribute, sex symbol. With tons of kicks and jumps, Ms. Barrymore showed us her sexy side as one of the Angels. She has even appeared in 10 episodes of Family Guy, voicing the character of Jillian, Bryan's dimwitted girlfriend. In addition, Drew Barrymore was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2004, which lies alongside more than 2,000 other famous celebrity stars. However, marrying well-known goofball, Tom Green added to her dynamics once again. She must be nuts! Nutty enough to be a tattooed freak, well most certainly! She has a cross tattoo on her lower leg, a butterfly tattoo right under her belly button, angels on her back, a blue moon with smile, a star at the tip of her right foot, and flowers on inside left hip bone.

Photos of Drew Barrymore's Tattoos