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Benefits and Uses of Temporary Tattoos

Getting a permanent tattoo is a big decision. And for the fickle-minded, it can be something that you could regret if you do not think long and hard about getting your first or next tattoo. Fortunately, there is a fun way using temporary tattoos that could help you make your decision. So don't think of them just for kids - it might just save you from a permanent mistake.

Temporary tattoos come in so many different designs, just like the permanent ones, especially if you are looking for a simpler, smaller design. Popular designs such as tribals, florals, stars, kanji, animals, butterflies, dragonflies, and so on are available within many retail stores these days. Now of course these are not going to resemble a professionally designed tattoo, but for the general idea you can certainly see what it would look like to have a butterfly resting on your shoulder forever.

Maybe even more relevant, you can get used to your desired tattoo placement. You can place a temporary tattoo on different parts of your body such as at the back, chest area, arm, at the back of the neck, ankle and feet, wrist, and shoulders, to name a few. Trying a certain placement for a few days may assist you in deciding if it is something you will be comfortable with. Especially if you don't have visible tattoos now, it may be a good idea to see how a wrist tattoo would look. It might also gauge other reactions if that is something you are concerned with.

Even if you do have visible tattoos it may be a good idea to do this test run if you are about to tattoo the face or neck area. There is no going back from these choices so you want to do everything you can to make sure this is the right thing for you. Stars on the face or neck are very common for that type of tattoo so it is so easy to use temporary tattoos to mimic the look you may achieve. It might even help you try a few good design choices before settling on a configuration minutes before getting the real deal.

So far we have just mentioned the temporary tattoos you rub on, but there are other ways to get a more elaborate, yet temporary, design. For geometric tattoos, traditional Polynesian designs, or other tattoos with detailed line work henna tattoos might be a great way to try before you buy. Henna tattoos are also perfect for wrist and hand tattoos. The paste used in applying the temporary tattoo will stay on the skin for several weeks as long as it is cared for properly.

Have fun with the idea of using temporary tattoos before you settle on that next bit of ink. They don't have to just be for the kids to get their favorite cartoon on their arm to show off to their friends. You can actually use them to get others' opinions or nail down that perfect cluster of stars before getting a visible and permanent mark.

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