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Welcome to TatTales.com

Welcome to Tattales.com, the original home for interesting tattoo stories, the most accurate tattoo studio directory, and direct links to some of the best tattoo resources on the web. There are so many reasons why people get tattooed, we want the stories behind the ink...

Tattoo enthusiasts, artists and shop owners alike are always passionate about their tattoos. Help spread the word and we will spread the stories. send us your tattoo story today.

Important Sections of TatTales

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Tattoo artist offer

Tattoo artists, we are looking for your tattoo story too! It can be a great way to promote the shop you own or work in, allow your potential customers to learn a bit more about their artist and help spread the ink - so to speak!

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Tattoo conventions

Tattoo conventions are a great way to see the portfolios and many artists from all over in a short time. Take a peek at some of the tattoo events listed to see if any are hitting your town. You will get inspired for your next tattoo!

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Tattoo Articles

You can never have enough information to help you with your first or next tattoo. We have many articles on what to expect, how to choose a great design, and a choosing a great tattoo artist to apply it. So get reading!

Read our many articles all about tattoos.


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